May Edochie serves hubby Yul Edochie divorce papers in demand of #100m over Adultery Claims.

May Edochie serves hubby Yul Edochie divorce papers in demand of #100m over Adultery Claims.

Yul Edochie‘s estranged first wife, May Edochie, has requested a divorce from the Nollywood star.

Additionally, she has sued him and his second wife Judy for N100 million in damages for allegedly engaging in adultery.

Femi Falana and the Eculaw group are representing the entrepreneur who has three children with Yul Edochie. They just provided an update on the couple’s marital problems.

In a complaint submitted on Tuesday, the DPA Family Law Clinic highlighted that Judy and Yul are both aware of the litigation as they had gotten copies of the court documents via email.

An actor, acquiesces to pressure and issues a public apology to his first wife, May

“Yul and Judy are both evading having the process served on them. The court bailiff has made numerous attempts to serve them according to the law. However, they have avoided receiving court process served.

As stated in part of the lawsuit, “Yul Edochie and Judy are facing serious legal challenges and they seem ill-prepared for them, given that they have been evading service of process,” despite their boastfulness and social media stunts.

According to reports, May has also requested another restraining order barring Yul Edochie from entering their former marital residence due to the actor’s allegedly unpredictable, impulsive, aggressive, and threatening behavior.

Recall that on July 10, May (who lost her fourth child months before) and her attorney reportedly went to court to file a petition against Yul, whose marriage fell apart after he wed Judy Austin, a colleague, as his second wife.


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