Mayorkun discloses why he kept his mother’s secret identity a secret.

Mayorkun discloses why he kept his mother's secret identity a secret.

Mayorkun explains his reasons for not disclosing his mother’s identity.

Paradoxically, he desired a typical, unremarkable way of life.

The Nigerian musician Mayorkun, also known as Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, has disclosed why he kept his mother’s name a secret for so long.

During his recent guest appearance on the Tea with Tay Podcast, the artist made it clear that he didn’t want. Anyone to know that his mother was a well-known Nollywood actress when he was a child.

He and his brother wanted to lead normal lives before becoming famous themselves, but it was difficult due of how. Well-known their mother Toyin Adewale was. Therefore, their next course of action was to maintain their mother’s anonymity in order to obtain the independence they desired.

Mayorkun said, “My brother and I didn’t like our mom being a popular actress growing up because we wanted freedom, but with her fame came fake. Attention and all.”

The artist gave a modest explanation for his second reason for hiding her identity: he didn’t want people to dislike him because of his mother’s identity; he wanted them to like him for who he was, not because of his attachment.

He went on, “I hated being treated differently, not because you like me, but because I am Toyin Adewale’s son.”

The singer continued, reminiscing about his time as an accounting student at the University of Lagos.

Then, he described the extreme measures he took to lead a regular life there, mentioning that he was able to conceal his mother’s identity for the four years of his graduate studies.

“For four years, even at my university, people were unaware that she was my mother,” he stated. This was deliberate on my part. One day, my mother brought meals to me at school, and someone saw. In an attempt to hide her from other people, I hurried to get what she had brought.

It should come as no surprise that Mayorkun pursued a career in entertainment, given he is the eldest of his parents’ three children and was raised in a family of performers.


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