Mayorkun explores love and heartbreak in New EP Love for Free.

Mayorkun explores love and heartbreak in New EP Love for Free.

In his latest EP, “Love,” Mayorkun examines love and heartbreak. To Get’

Mayorkun, a superstar of afrobeats, has a brand-new project.

The renowned Nigerian artist Mayorkun just dropped his eagerly awaited EP named “Love.” For Free is a musical journey drenched in the unfiltered feelings of love, loss, and self-discovery.

This captivating EP, which consists of five songs, delves into the difficulties of relationships while demonstrating Mayorkun’s courage and sensitivity. As he negotiates the complications of bad love.

In “Love.” Mayorkun takes listeners on a moving journey through the highs and lows of love in his song “For Free.” This EP’s songs each tell a distinct tale that captures the essence of heartbreak and the ensuing path to recovery and self-renewal.

The EP offers listeners a profoundly individualized and relevant experience by encapsulating the common themes of love, suffering, and resilience.

The debut of “Love..” For Free’ comes after Mayorkun’s hugely popular recent track “LowKey,” which gave listeners a taste of the soul-stirring melodies and sincere lyrics that make up the EP. Through his most recent endeavor, Mayorkun displays his musical skill, demonstrating once more why he is regarded as one of the most promising artists in the field.

Mayorkun’s song “Love.” The album “For Free” is more than just a collection of songs; it takes the audience on an intense emotional journey. Mayorkun’s music conveys the essence of the human experience, from the melancholy tones of heartbreak to the liberating attitude of embracing new beginnings.

When asked about the EP, Mayorkun responded, “‘Love.. For Free’ is my reflective journey through heartbreak and healing. Each track represents a different phase of my emotions, and I hope that everyone who listens to it, is motivated to go through and come out of whatever situation. Above all, I hope they’re able to learn a lesson from these experiences and be willing to love again.”

‘Love.. On all major streaming services, For Free, is currently accessible.


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