Mo Abudu Appointed Guest Programmer for Oscars Organiser’s Academy Museum.

Mo Abudu Appointed Guest Programmer for Oscars Organiser's Academy Museum.

Mo Abudu has been named Guest Programmer for the Academy Museum by the Oscars organizers.

She will be in charge of a number of films labeled Echoes of Africa in this capacity.

In advance of the 96th Academy Awards, Nigerian director Mo Abudu has revealed that she will be working as a guest programmer at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles.

In addition the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that has long been in charge of the. Oscars, maintains the Academy Museum as its official museum.

One of her responsibilities is to conduct a movie screening series called Echoes of Africa with a compelling selection of. Films, Echoes Of Africa will explore “African experiences, triumphs, dreams, and realities.”

However the collaboration with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Moreover the Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (1999), Le Franc (1994), Vaya Timbuktu, This is Not a Burial, It’s. A Ressurection, and Monangambé (1968) are just a few of the African films that will be screened at the festival. Which is set to take place in Los Angeles from February 1 through 9.

A captivating cinematic odyssey awaits, promising to leave you stirred, enlightened, and intimately connected with Africa’s vibrant essence, as stated by Abudu, who further stated that “ECHOES OF AFRICA presents a vivid mosaic of African perspectives, capturing the enduring resonance of its cinema.” Abudu further described the experience as a vital way to connect to the African narrative.

“I will use the opportunity to network for our filmmakers and raise awareness of the incredible value that filmmakers from the continent add to the remarkable world of motion pictures. I am deeply appreciative of this invitation to join the Academy,” she said. “In line with my vision to support and develop African content.”

In late 2020, EbonyLife Studios made history by becoming the first African and Nigerian company to sign a multi-deal with Netflix in Africa. The company has also signed co-production deals with AMC Networks (USA) to produce Nigeria 2099, an Afrofuturistic crime-drama, and a three-scripted deal with Sony Pictures Television.


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