Mo Abudu set to champion creativity across Africa with new exciting roles.

Mo Abudu set to champion creativity across Africa with new exciting roles.

The Creatives Champion for the next UK-African Investment Summit has been named as Mo Abudu.

The Rt Hon. The Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs of the UK made the announcement On. August 1, 2023, Hon. James Cleverly spoke at the Creative Industries event at the British Deputy High Commission’s Lagos residence.

“This recognition fills my heart with immense joy and gratitude, knowing that our collective dedication to the creative industries has been acknowledged by the UK Government,” Abudu said of her appointment and the work that lies ahead.

There is no better moment to get started than right now because there is a lot of work to be done to advance the creative sector.

In order to stimulate collaboration, innovation, and significant advancement in the creative domain, I am furthermore looking forward to meeting with the various stakeholders in our sector across the continent.

The first-of-its-kind UK-Nigeria creatives side event will be hosted in London in April 2024 as part. Of the UK-African Investment Summit to promote and then project the creatives industry in Nigeria and other African nations and. UK-African collaboration in this area.

The Summit intends to improve UK-African ties, create jobs and nurture growth, assist talent in industries like finance and. Technology, and then promote women entrepreneurs. It will equally important act as a bridge connecting nations, cultures, and aspirations.

Months have passed since the Nigerian director teamed up with Idris Elba to support African storytellers, and now he has a new responsibility.

The founder of EbonyLife Media expressed his excitement about working with the well-known actor by saying, “We believe that. Africa has the talent and the stories to captivate the world it’s our mission to offer the best in industry. Education, mentorship, and production opportunities so that our graduates can become significant contributors to the global media landscape.

We intend to get started right away and investigate the best that African and Black stories have to offer to. Audiences around the world.

The 58-year-old actress is confident that her collaboration with Elba will promote the expansion of Nollywood’s regional projects, earnings, and revenues.


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