Mohbad’s canadian visa was released on the day he passed away said by Samklef.

Mohbad's canadian visa was released on the day he passed away said by Samklef.

Samklef, a.k.a. Samuel Oguachuba, a Nigerian music producer, has revealed ‘new information’ regarding the late singer Mohbad.

He claimed that Mohbad had sought for a Canadian visa prior to his passing, and that it had not only been approved but had also been released on the day of his passing. On Thursday, September 14, 2023, Samklef posted this’revelation’ to his Instagram page. He then made a livestream announcement vowing to elaborate.

“It gets deep! Mohbad’s Canada Visa came out the same day he died! Will be going live on my other page! This matter no fit die like this. It’s deeper than what we Dey see. Going live on @samklefmuzik can’t use my main page for life for now.” the post said.

Soon the whole truth about how he died will come out, and it’s more complicated than it seems.”

Samklef has committed his social media platforms to finding justice for the late artist since the singer’s tragic passing and the numerous reports that followed. In another post, he invited other celebrities to join him in his fight against injustice and fight for the truth.

Samklef calls on other celebrities, according to his post. Please encourage other famous people to use their platforms to denounce this injustice. In honor of this rising star, let’s put our egos and sense of superiority aside and work together to promote justice. Mohbad!”

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, rising star Mohbad passed away, shocking Nigerians to their core. The following day, he was interred in his hometown of Ikorodu.

Samklef, a producer-blogger hybrid, has pushed for the star’s proper burial, arguing that the one he received was unworthy of someone of his caliber.


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