Mohbad’s Father cries out ” I Fear that Femi Falana and Wunmi want to kill me.

Mohbad's Father cries out " I Fear that Femi Falana and Wunmi want to kill me.

Mohbad’s father sobs, “I fear that Femi Falana and Wunmi want to kill me.”

He said that Mohbad’s widow Wunmi had threatened to kill him over the phone using a secret number.

Joseph Ayoba, the father of Mohbad, has expressed his fear for his life, claiming that Wunmi, the singer’s wife, and Femi Falana, her attorney, are plotting to murder him.

The bewildered father conveyed his disappointment over the autopsy findings of his deceased son to Max 102 FM. Then, he claimed that Falana and his client Wunmi had been threatening him, and as a result, he had started to fear for his life.

He said, “I need justice for my son and I want people to support me. This delay of autopsy report and other things can result to denial. I don’t trust anyone right now. Even with the threats Falana and his client used to threaten me, I’m unable to sleep. I need help. And I want people to support me because the autopsy is going to be done [at a] private facility.”

Joseph claimed that Wunmi had threatened to kill him and added that he had been afraid that she would put him up for murder. In addition, he claimed that Falana and her were in league with one another and that the well-known attorney had erected obstacles to keep others from helping him.

“In addition, because of the threats, I’m not sure where I should live right now. When I heard a tap on my gate yesterday, I was afraid it may be the folks Wunmi warned were going to come get me. And Falana remains loyal to her,” he claimed.

“She called me, threatening me when I was on the mountain with a strange line,” he continued. I taped the conversation, and she threatened to murder me. Falana is conscious of this. He’s still standing by her side in spite of everything. He’s even keeping individuals from being of assistance to me. He wishes to stifle anyone who speaks the truth.

Money is the reason for his desire to manipulate. Furthermore, we both hail from Ekiti State.

Following the September 12, 2023, death of Nigerian artist Mohbad, his widow Wunmi and father have had disagreements about the singer’s belongings. Additionally, Aloba has insisted that Wunmi test Liam, their kid, for paternity. Femi Falana, the attorney, provided her with legal representation during the back and forth.

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