Mohbad’s song Blessed ” Ep jumps to 530% on streaming platforms across Nigeria.

Mohbad's song Blessed " Ep jumps to 530% on streaming platforms across Nigeria.

The terrible news of Mohbad, a 27-year-old Nigerian street hop sensation, passing away however  was announced to the. Public on September 12, 2023.

The death of Mohbad has left his admirers and a deeply worried however public in grief as there are still. Unanswered questions about the circumstances of his passing.

Mohbad’s music received a ton of attention on streaming services in the days after his passing since his sophomore. EP “Blessed” peaked at No. 1 on the Nigerian Albums chart on Apple Music.

Mohbad’s “Blessed” experienced a huge 530% spike across streaming platforms in Nigeria during the most recent chart week (September 8–September 14), according to TurnTable Charts, the sole aggregate chart system in Nigeria. It hit a new top of No. 4.

His 2020 debut EP “Light,” which saw a 6,840% increase across all streaming platforms, debuted at No. 20 on the chart.

Similar to how Mohbad’s tracks fared on TurnTable Top 100 after a significant week of streaming. ‘Ask About Me’ debuts at No. 22, followed by ‘Peace’ at No. 28, ‘Beast and Peace’ at No. 32, ‘Feel Good’ at No. 34, ‘Pariwo’ with Bella Smhurda at No. 51, ‘Sabi’ at No. 71, ‘Sorry’ at No. 83, and ‘Account Balance’ at No. 85.

In one of his most well-known tracks, Mohbad performed a Neo-Fuji remake of James Brown’s timeless ballad “I. Feel Good,” demonstrating his mastery of the music his place as a unique talent in Afrobeats was further cemented as. The song went on to become a huge success.

Mohbad expresses his frustrations and calls for the serenity he needs to pursue his career in one of his most famous tracks, the Log Drum driven record. Sadly, it would be cut short.

Mohbad would make a strong comeback with “Ask About Me” after parting ties with however Marlian music in a highly publicized. Argument, where he reiterated his defiance and his intention furthermore to keep pursuing his ambition on a song that wonderfully showcased. His skill.


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