Busta Rhymes openly says that burna boy sounds like a Jamaican in his song.

Busta Rhymes openly says that burna boy sounds like a Jamaican in his song.

“Burna Boy sounds like a Jamaican,” remarks Busta Rhymes.

Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy sounds Jamaican, according to legendary American rapper Busta Rhymes.

The legendary hip-hop artist, who worked with Burna on the song “Roboshotta” off his most recent album “Blockbusta,” claimed to have observed that Burna sounded Jamaican on the song.

This was said by Busta Rhymes in the most recent episode of the Shopping for Sneakers podcast, where she also praised Burna Boy’s adaptability.

“The initial beat that Pharrell [William] created for me and Burna Boy’s song ‘Roboshotta’ had a different beat,” he stated. I think Burna Boy sounds insane in that song. The song had Burna sounding like he was from Jamaica.

Since the American made an appearance on Burna Boy’s popular single “Big 7” music video earlier this year, the two have been working together musically.

Since their collaboration on “Roboshotta,” Busta Rhymes hasn’t stopped complimenting Burna Boy.

The late great American rapper Busta Rhymes praised Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, for his range, stating that he sounds extremely Jamaican in their new song Roboshotta.

In the most recent episode of the podcast Shopping for Sneakers, Busta made his claim while making an appearance as a guest star. Burna Boy, he stressed, sounded completely different and made a big, positive influence on the track.

“Collaborating with Burna Boy was among the most amazing experiences of my life.” because he is quick, effective, and quite clear. The rapper stated, “When he knows what he’s going to do, he ain’t wasting no time and he’s super dangerously cold with it.”

I play him the album and maybe four tracks, and when I got to the third one, Roboshotta, he was like, ‘Hey yo, what’s that?’ That’s the song Pharell did for me.’ And I’m like, ‘I have some stuff I wanna play you too. I thus performed two more songs, for a total of roughly five. We were conversing and sipping juice when everything was ideal, he said.

Since Busta Rhymes commended Burna Boy for selling, the two guys have gotten along nicely.

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