Morravey the fast rising artiste features Davido on Debut Ep “Ravi”.

Morravey the fast rising artiste features Davido on Debut Ep "Ravi".

Davido collaborates with rising star Morravey on his debut EP, “RAVI.”

However the recently discovered talent Morravey has dropped her first EP.

After much anticipation, Morravey, the rapidly rising talent whose amazing voice captivated listeners in the single “In The Garden” from. Davido’s groundbreaking album “Timeless,” has finally released her highly awaited EP, “RAVI.”

This is Morravey’s big solo debut with the EP, which consists of five songs in the R&B, Pop, Afrobeats, and Dance genres.

‘RAVI,’ which means sunlight in Arabic, is the title of Morravey’s EP and it captures the bright energy that she gives off in her music. Every song on the EP is a demonstration of her skill and flexibility as a musician, enthralling listeners with its wide range of sounds and poignant lyrics.

‘What Is Love,’ a thought-provoking examination of the multifaceted nature of love, opens the listening experience on RAVI. Morravey’s rich voice blends in smoothly with Afro R&B tunes, creating a personal picture of longing and unpredictability that deeply connects with listeners.

‘High Again,’ a frolicking celebration of love, self-discovery, and joy, comes after this emotional journey. The song invites listeners to bask in the unadulterated delight of the present by capturing the exhilarating rush of youth and the blissful sensation of being on cloud nine.

However the third song, “Condo,” is a colorful tribute to her hometown of Port Harcourt. By deftly incorporating the vernacular of the city into the song, Morravey establishes a dialogue between the audience and the genuine voice of her people.

Moreover the musical arrangement replicates the authentic tone of Port Harcourt. This spirited song, with its contagious energy and boundless delight, captures the essence of the city with its drum beats, horn reverberation, and whimsical whistle notes.

However the concluding song, “My Baby,” is a touching tribute to unshakable love that honors an unmatched bond. With their real emotion and lively delivery, Morravey’s captivating vocals eloquently capture the essence of savoring special times with others.

‘Magician,’ which features the legendary Davido, is the EP’s finale. Davido’s characteristically raspy voice is combined with Morravey’s trademark vocal prowess in this timeless Afro Pop hit.

Moreover the song, which is set to rhythmic beats and celebrates young women’s independence and resiliency, cemented Morravey’s place as a powerful voice in the modern music scene.

Furthermore the musical medley on the “RAVI” EP demonstrates the breadth and depth of Morravey’s skill. Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding the EP’s release, Morravey has teased further surprises for her devoted fans who have been waiting patiently for her solo debut.


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