Mr Eazi hints at being married to billionaire heiress Temi Otedola.

Mr Eazi hints at being married to billionaire heiress Temi Otedola.

The billionaire heiress Temi Otedola is rumored to be Mr. Eazi’s wife.

With this, they became the latest celebrities from Nigeria to tie the knot in a low-key fashion.

Oluwatosin Ajibade, better known by his stage as Mr Eazi, is an Afrobeats singer who has responded to persistent rumors. That he is married to his girlfriend Temi Otedola.

In a recent interview, the artist discussed his songs with the hosts of the Naija 102.7 FM radio station.

A issue that has been bothering social media users for months was whether Eazi had received positive or negative feedback. From his spouse, as well as why he hadn’t announced his marriage to the public, and these were raised during the interview.

In response, Mr. Eazi responded, “We thank God. Who said I didn’t let people know that I was married?,” making a suggestion that the marriage was not public.

The singer took Temi’s sister, DJ Cuppy, to an event in 2017, which is how the two first became together. Cuppy’s sister was there at the event where she was scheduled to DJ, so she decided to let the two go socializing without introducing them, which is how their love story began.

When they first started dating, Mr. Eazi had no idea who Temi was, nor did he know her father’s identity or his worth. He was attracted in her when he first saw her, so he started talking to her, and they quickly clicked.

The two began a quiet relationship and, as luck would have it, became engaged a few years later. The pair took to social media in April 2022 to announce their engagement. They showed their affection for one another earlier this year when they commemorated six years of dating.

Social media users have been anticipating an opulent wedding—one that never materialized—since their engagement last year. In order to avoid being seen by social media prying eyes, it appears that the couple decided on a secret wedding.


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