Mr Eazi says ” I stumbled into the music industry by Accident.”

Mr Eazi says " I stumbled into the music industry by Accident."

According to Mr. Eazi, “I stumbled into the music business by accident.”

According to the singer Mr. Eazi, establishing a career in music was not one of his boyhood dreams.

He claims that he stumbled into the music scene.

Mr. Eazi discussed how he stumbled into the music business and his internal struggle with contentment as a musician in an. Interview with media personality Angela Lee, which prompted him to consider giving up music after appearing at. Coachella in 2019.

Even though he got the chance to perform at Coachella only three years into his music career, Mr. Eazi, who. Also identifies as the owner of the IT company Zagadat Capital, revealed that he faced a time in his career when he felt disenchanted.

“Coachella’s opening day was the first time I performed there, and when I exited the stage, I felt nothing. Absent joy. no melancholy.”

For a person who never considered becoming a musician, he said: “I’m playing Coachella in my third year of my profession, and. I feel nothing.

Therefore, it was a sign to me that I needed to either cease doing music or find another line of work. either because I needed a break or because it wasn’t a good feeling to be experiencing. I might have been exhausted.

And when COVID hit, that’s when I first stopped to think and tried to figure out what I should do next. I was gaining knowledge about the music industry because I started Empawa.

I was exhausted, though, even from listening to music. How could the music business function without music? So I simply assigned my coworkers to complete that task.

He wondered how he could continue in a field that was wearing him out, and in the end he decided to assign certain chores to his colleagues to find a new sense of purpose.


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