Mr Macaroni (Adewale Adedayo) expressed his love for football adding that his best players are Christiano Ronaldo and Victor Osimen.

Mr Macaroni (Adewale Adedayo) expressed his love for football adding that his best players are Christiano Ronaldo and Victor Osimen.

Mr. Macaroni pays tribute to Osimhen and Ronaldo

Adebowale “Mr Macaroni” Adedayo, a well-known comedian and creator of skits, said on Tuesday that he loved football and. That his two favorite players were Victor Osimhen, the current African Footballer of the Year, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The comments were stated by Mr Macaroni in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the Union. Bank Stable in Surulere, Lagos, during the opening ceremony of the 5th Cohesion Football Tournament.

During the grassroots football development tournament’s opening ceremony, Mr. Macaroni, the tournament’s special guest of honor, urged the players to behave well.

The goal of the yearly football competition, which spans two days, is to involve at-risk youth from several local government areas in Lagos and Ogun States, as stated by the organizers.

Thirty-one female teams and thirty-two male under-13 teams will compete in the 2023 event.

Happy that the organizers chose to support the growth of grassroots football in Lagos State, Mr. Macaroni expressed his satisfaction.

I find myself following Cristiano Ronaldo to every team he plays for because I am so drawn to him and. Because I adore football.

Being a sport that keeps people active and entertained, football is something I like to watch. Though Victor Osimhen, our own guy, has been a great addition, he still cannot replace Ronaldo in my heart. I love to watch Ronaldo.

The world is watching Osimhen’s success and he is making us proud, so I do follow him in the same manner that I follow Ronaldo.

“Osimhen also came through the lower levels of football. Thus, he must back this endeavor. In addition, we must encourage or give our grassroots football growth more attention,” he stated.

Mr. Macaroni claims that there is a wealth of untapped potential in Nigeria; therefore, greater grassroots competition is required to uncover them.

He stated that it was not an easy task to have a large tournament with 42 teams, and that is why the Cohesion Football competition should receive greater support.

The creator of the skit awarded cash prizes to the top players in the competition.

The two-day annual football tournament’s championship game is scheduled to take place at the same location on Wednesday, December 20, according to NAN.


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