Mr Macaroni demands the immediate release of the End Sars Protesters arrested in 2020.

Mr Macaroni demands the immediate release of the End Sars Protesters arrested in 2020.

Mr. Macaroni calls for the immediate release of 2020 #EndSARS demonstrators who were detained.

The heartbreaking Lekki toll gate slaughter has been going on for three years today.

Adebowale Adedayo, better known as Mr. Macaroni, is a Nigerian actor and comedian who has called on the police to free all protestors who were wrongfully detained during the. 2020 #ENDSARS demonstrations.

On the third anniversary of the horrible Lekki tragedy that took place in 2020, Mr. Macaroni organized a nonviolent demonstration on Friday, October 20, 2023. He urged the Nigerian police to do the right thing by the populace and free all the protesters from 2020 who were still in their custody during. The peaceful march.

“We are here to honour the dead, to honour the lives of those that were lost on October 20, 2020. I want to use this opportunity to call for the unconditional release of all those who are still unjustly imprisoned. There are still some protesters who have been in prison since 2020, lawyers have been on the case every day but till now they’re still there. We are using this opportunity to call those concerned once again for the unconditional release of the protesters.” The actor said.

Further, Mr. Macaroni emphasized that many Nigerians, like himself, demonstrate because they want to see changes made to the. Nation during their lifetimes.

He stated, “Some of us are still here because we love this country so much and we don’t want this country to burn. We want things to be better in own generation. That is why we always do this so that people never forget. We all deserve better.”

Since 2020, the actor has increased his level of activism. One of the most recognizable figures behind the historic. #ENDSARS rallies, which attempted to halt police brutality in Nigeria, is Mr. Macaroni, along with campaigners like Falz and Aisha Yesufu. He was brutalized when being detained during the first commemoration event in 2021, along with many other. Nigerians.


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