MTV Base Announces ban on songs of Naira Marley.

MTV Base Announces ban on songs of Naira Marley.

All songs recorded by Naira Marley and other artists affiliated with his record label, Marlian Music Records, have been banned. From broadcast on the international music channel MTV Base.

This was revealed in a post on social media moreover by a member of the Ehizojie Okoeguale aka DadaBoy Ehiz. Music channel staff after many videos of Mohbad being harassed and bullied that were allegedly organized by Naira Marley and his cronies. Leaked online.

The well-known TV host praised MTV for taking action against Naira Marley, who has been accused of “having a hand” in. Mohbad’s demise, in a post on his X account after sharing the news.

Police are looking into the death of singer Mohbad.

On September 20, he tweeted, “however Mtvbase dropped everything Marlian… kudos to dem.”

This follows the suspension of the playback of songs by Naira Marley and other artists however on the Marlian Records label by two radio stations in the southwest of. Nigeria.

The two radio broadcast stations, Fresh FM 106.9 FM in Ekiti State (a privately owned radio broadcast station) and Splash FM 105.5 in Ibadan, Oyo State, have both banned moreover songs by Naira Marley. Both stations cite the ongoing investigation moreover into the singer Mohbad’s death as justification for their respective decisions.

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