Music legend Awilo Logomba reacts to tribute song by Nigerian Singer Melon.

Music legend Awilo Logomba reacts to tribute song by Nigerian Singer Melon.

Legendary musician Awilo Logomba responds to Nigerian artist M3lon’s tribute song.

African music icon Awilo Logomba is honored in a new song by rising star M3lon.

Awilo Logomba’s music transcended national boundaries, dominating speakers in several nations, and served as the soundtrack for the 2000s for. Countless African music enthusiasts.

Even now, decades after “Coupé Bibamba,” his breakthrough record, became a continental hit, Awilo’s music still serves as an inspiration to upcoming African musicians.

The newest performer to draw inspiration from Awilo Logomba is M3lon, a rising star in the music industry who named. A song after the renowned African hitmaker on November 24, 2023.

Not only did M3lon name his song after the legendary Congolese artist, but he also reproduced one of Awilo’s most famous cover images.

African music icon Awilo Logomba responded to the honor, which he graciously appreciated, in a post on his Instagram account.

Awilo celebrated a new generation of artists who are motivated by his work by writing, “Power to the young people,” on Instagram.

There are more tributes to Awilo in the Nigerian music scene in 2023 besides M3lon’s. One of Awilo’s hits was sampled by amazing artist Ayra Starr in her smash song “Sability” earlier this year.

The song also incorporates phrases like “ndila kutu” and “zitu tala” with a number of names that are presumably significant to the Congolese people, including Mama Bulukututu or Bayangalato. Their meanings are a little hazy, but they foster a sense of togetherness and celebration. The song’s last section features voices, cheers, and laughter, which further enhances the festive atmosphere.

“Gaté Le Coin” is, all things considered, a song about dancing, music, and good times. It honors African customs, culture, and rhythms that unite people from all backgrounds and places of origin. The song is catchy and danceable, while the lyrics are energetic and enthusiastic.


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