Nadia Buari Stuns Fans as She Hints Welcoming her 5th Child.

Nadia Buari Stuns Fans as She Hints Welcoming her 5th Child.

Nadia Buari Stuns Fans as She Hints Welcoming her 5th Child. Fans are shocked by Nadia Buari’s indication that she may be expecting her fifth child, and their comments

Her admirers are full of inquiries.

Reportedly disclosing that she recently gave birth to her fifth child, popular actress Nadia Buari has left her fans and following stunned.

On January 7, 2034, the actress shared a photo of herself with a newborn that had light skin to her Instagram profile. She did not disclose the baby’s name, gender, or face. As she wrote, “My beautiful blessing,” with a smile on her face, many people took it to mean that she had truly given birth again.

A few of her admirers voiced their disbelief and inquired about her pregnancy status in the comments area of her post. “How? When was she pregnant?? 😮,” said one Instagram user, while another questioned “Adopted or what?”

Some bombarded the actress’s comment sections with well wishes and congrats, while others criticized her for withholding the baby’s face. Social media users claimed that if the child’s face was missing from the photo, the message was meaningless. However, others flocked to Buari’s defence.

Her supporters were taken aback to learn of her delivery because there had been no prior signs on her social media accounts suggesting she was expecting.

Buari had been posting on Instagram regularly and consistently, but she never disclosed her pregnancy or even suggested that she was expecting a little child.

Buari even went to the December 2023 premiere of The Color Purple, where her tummy was on full display with not a bulge in sight. The woman, who did not have a pregnancy belly, posed by the Christmas tree on Christmas Day with her four daughters.

Buari has not released any statements or added any information on the new baby, in spite of the thousands of questions and comments on her page.

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