NFVCB (National Film and Video Censors Board) vows to sanction streaming services violating the digital content law.

NFVCB (National Film and Video Censors Board) vows to sanction streaming services violating the digital content law.

NFVCB Promises To Sanction Streaming Services That Break Laws Regarding Digital Content.

On Thursday, the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) promised to crack down on Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming services that break Nigeria’s laws governing digital material ah. This was said by NFVCB Executive Director Adedayo Thomas during the third edition’s Digital Content Regulation Conference in. Lagos.

Thomas stated that online OTT and streamers were covered by the Nigerian creative industry law during the three-day conference. Called the NFVCB-NETFLIX Safe Screen and Digital Entertainment Space Forum he also mentioned that the board was closely collaborating. with security authorities to make sure that anyone who violated the law. Would be held accountable.

He added that even while the board faced difficulties keeping an eye on the massive amount of content that internet. Platforms were putting out, it was attempting to increase. Its capacity for efficient monitoring.

However the head of NFVCB praised NETFLIX, a well-known over-the-top streaming service, for working with the board and adhering to the legislation. Governing digital material.

“NETFLIX is the most compliant with the rules governing digital material since they won’t let any filmmaker submit an unclassified film as defined by the. NFVCB.

“Our regulations and constitution contain the consequences of not adhering to the digital content law and providing content that is. Against the fabric of society,” he stated.

However he claims that the board is committed to upholding the Nigerian cultural value system by making sure that movies and videos that are shown there adhere to. The necessary moral guidelines.

According to him, the goal of the NFVCB’s meeting was to gather creative industry players and develop safe ways to. Offer digital content that is appropriate for children. According to him, the conference was a component of the broader endeavors aimed at expanding the scope of responsible digital. Parenting and providing children and younger people with age-appropriate online experiences on digital entertainment. Platforms.

Ms. Ziyanda Buthelezi-Ngcobo, Manager, Public Policy Sub-Sahara Africa, NEFLIX, stated in a presentation that the streaming service was working with the. NFVCB to protect children’s access to digital. Content.


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