Nicki Minaj teases new collaboration with Burna Boy.

Nicki Minaj teases new collaboration with Burna Boy.

Nicki Minaj teases a new project with Burna Boy.

A Nicki Minaj and Burna Boy joint project is soon to arrive for fans.

With a preview of her impending project with Afrobeats artist Burna Boy, hip-hop mogul Nicki Minaj has her fans in a frenzy.

One of the singles off Burna Boy’s seventh album, “I Told Them,” is “Tested, Trusted, and Approved.” The rapper used. Social media to reveal an early preview of the remix.

Following Burna Boy’s historic performance at the 66th Grammy Awards, where he became the first African musician to perform at. The main ceremony, is the next single.

Along with continuing his run of foreign collaborations, the Grammy winner, who has been establishing himself as a star in. The American market, also released this tune.

Burna Boy explored hip-hop with his seventh album, “I Told Them,” featuring guest appearances from American rapper J Cole and 21 Savage. The renowned Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and GZA also contributed unique ideas to the record.

One of the most popular rappers in the world, Nicki Minaj has a substantial fan base in Nigeria. She previously made an appearance on Davido’s song “Holy Ground,” which is off his third album “A Better Time,” making her future partnership with Burna Boy her second with a Nigerian musician.

Following a week-long, smoldering dispute, Nicki Minaj appears to be venturing into new musical territory.

The celebrity, who is now getting ready for the “Pink Friday 2 World Tour,” took a break to reveal a sneak peek at a new project she is working on alongside Burna Boy.

Onika traded verses with the African Giant and gave a first peek at their remix of his song “Tested, Approved & Trusted.” The original version of the song is taken from the Nigerian singer’s most recent album, “I Told Them.”

The rapper used social media to release a teaser for the remix of Burna Boy’s seventh album, “I told them,” which features the tune “Tested, Trusted, and Approved.”


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