Nigeria Musician, Bright Chimezie celebrates his 65th birthday on the First October.

Nigeria Musician, Bright Chimezie celebrates his 65th birthday on the First October.

Born on October 1, 1960, the same day that Nigeria got independence from the United Kingdom, veteran musician Bright Chimezie claims that, at 61, he is still quite active.

I feel glad that I turned 61 yesterday,” he said to Saturday Beats. Fortunately, I have a lot of strength and energy, and my career is continually growing. I am extremely appreciative of my family. There is a song I have that claims that there are “unsweet” days and sweet days in life. I couldn’t go into detail about the last 60 years of my life, but I can state that I am a strong, vivacious person who leads a calm existence. The key is that I still bounce and dance when performing because I have never done anything else but work for Zigima Sound.

This serves as my seal. I also work hard to continually improve my brand. On stage, there is a genuine sense of energy.

“I advise a few of the upcoming young vocalists that they should pick up some ‘leg work’ motions from me. The majority of them have imitated me, but since they are my kids, I pardon them. I have to teach them the skill of “zigimatic leg work,” which I am naturally good at. The majority of the current fashionable dance moves performed by new artists have been around for a while. King Sunny Ade, for instance, was and still is a superb dancer.

The development of technology has led some people to believe that such dance moves were invented by young artists, but we did, and for that, we deserve respect.

Chimezie also explained how he had managed his home while working as an entertainment. It’s been God the entire time, he declared. Without being ostentatious, discipline has also been crucial. Before I made the decision to be married, I was old enough. I lavish my wife with the kind of attention that women require. Since my late father was a clergyman and I witnessed how he handled my mother, I took a lot of cues from him.

Why can’t I keep my house if my father was able to do so? I have watched my wife grow since the day I married her when she was a teenager.

Why can’t a musician also have a prosperous home if a doctor can?


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