Nigeria Popular Comedian Ayo Makun (A.Y) responds to seun Kuti’s claim saying: I Never called your child a Dog.

Nigeria Popular Comedian Ayo Makun (A.Y) responds to seun Kuti's claim saying: I Never called your child a Dog.

Seun Kuti’s statements are refuted by AYO Makun: “I never called your child a dog.”

Using social media, Seun Kuti criticized the comedian for allegedly comparing his child to a dog in a performance.

Regarding Seun Kuti’s charges, well-known comedian AY Makun has responded, refuting the assertion that he referred to the singer’s. Youngster as a dog.

However in the social media video, Makun said that after waiting 13 years to have his first child, he never called. His own child a name or referred to anyone else’s child as a dog.

I decided to reply after he brought up the fact that I had called his infant a dog.

There is no way I would call your son or daughter a dog. I don’t think I would be in a position to make fun of another live creature when they were a. Kid and call them a dog,” he said.

Kuti’s sense of humour was severely criticized by Makun, who also urged him to stop taking comedians’ jokes so seriously and to lighten up. Then he pointed out that, like his father Fela, Kuti also continuously shades other people.

“For some reason, I know that you have traveled far and wide,” AY went on. If we claim something is a joke, then you should be able to perceive it as such. Your sense of humor should be more accepting of jokes. Seun, you throw shade.

Nothing is done to you. It used to be “yabbings” night for your dad. snickering at all the politicians. People would go there to laugh at him when he used to do all of stuff because they knew he was a social critic. His work is being done. It is what we are doing. Therefore, I fail to see why you find offense in me. This is a task your father. Taught us.

All of this is because of a humorous performance that he did earlier this year. He explained that it was a spoof of the hot themes of the day, which included Hilda Baci, the elimination. Of gasoline subsidies, and Kuti slapping a uniformed policeman for hitting his car while his child was in the back. Seat.

However the small dog that AY had in the back seat of his car in the aforementioned skit was misinterpreted by. Kuti as a depiction of his child, and as such, Kuti did not take it lightly.


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