Nigerian – American Actress : Adunni Ade clocks 47 Today.

ADUNNI ADE Nigerian - American Actress clocks 47 Today.

Adunni Ade, a Nollywood actress, has written a heartfelt ode to herself as she reflects on the past year.

Today, June 7, Adunni Ade turns a new age, and she has thought back on the challenges she faced last year.

She expressed her gratitude to God and said that her life is a live example of endurance despite many sleepless nights, years, and discomfort.

She admitted that she never believed she would live to see another day, yet God delivered her.

Adunni Ade observed that despite all of her efforts and sweat, God enabled her to succeed because her debut film was ranked as the 9th most popular in the nation.

“God, you gave me a life many, many years ago on the day I was born, and I pray that I will give you all of my life and do everything I can to express my love and thanks. The past year has shown how courageous I am and that I can succeed in anything I set my mind to. I am a living example of tenacity! several sleepless nights, several nights of crying, being in pain, and wondering whether I would live to see another day! I lost my younger brother, Douglas, may God have mercy on his soul. Oh! When I first started acting like a big girl, I executive produced my first film. Budgeted N34 million but spent approximately N50 million instead. Humm! Another day, another tale! I marketed the film as if my life depended on it! Yes, it did. I had actors that “f’ed” me after all the contracts were signed, but that’s a tale for another day.

 With all of my effort and sweat! I made it through, and my film was the ninth-biggest in the nation! my first attempt? The greatest is God! I must say this: Thank you to everyone who unexpectedly showed me so much love! Thank you to everyone who tried to deliberately ruin my joy! You encouraged me to work harder because I refuse to give up! Look, I say this frequently because it is my way of life! You have hope as long as you are still alive! Don’t let fear and defeat bully you into accepting them! Keep your head held high and pursue greatness. What more do I need? The best family and kids belong to me. Several wonderful pals and my lovely family. I have nothing without you. We attack this new year aggressively.

According to Kemi Filani news, Adunni Ade bemoaned the challenges of parenthood.

The mother of two shared on her Instagram page how challenging becoming a mother had been for her.

She shared pictures of herself and her sons and claimed that being a mother is the hardest job there is.

Despite its difficulties, she claimed that it was the most enticing title.

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