Nigerian Celebrities mourn the victims of the EndSars Protest 3years After.

Nigerian Celebrities mourn the victims of the EndSars Protest 3years After.

Celebrities from Nigeria commemorate the #EndSARS protest victims three years after scores of nonviolent demonstrators were killed at the tollgate in their fight for reform.

Celebrities from Nigeria have paid tribute to those who died as a result of police violence and the 2020 #ENDSARS protests.

Here is what our famous people had to say:

John Macaroni
On October 20, 2023, the actor and activist participated in the planning of the peaceful walk held in memory of the victims of the Lekki Massacre, which he led.

His message stated, “3 Years now!!! We will Never Forget!!! #EndSars!!!!” informing the public of the peaceful walk.

We will be moving in silence as we honor everyone who lost their lives on October 20, 2020! Additionally, we march in memory of everyone killed by police violence in Nigeria! We stroll peacefully! We won’t soon forget!”

He made a strong point of demanding justice for the nonviolent protestors who were detained in 2020 during the walk.

Oduala Rinu
The well-known activist was quite active on Twitter over the issue, paying tribute to the victims of police brutality and calling for change. She also frequently tweeted in memory of the 2020 protests that shook the country.

We shall commemorate protestors who were killed and continue, her famous post said.

To take part in the #EndSARS movement as long as Nigerians are still being killed by the police.

Obi-Uchendu Ebuka
Obi-Uchendu paused to offer a prayer for those who perished during the demonstrations, stating, “May all the lives lost to the #EndSARS protests continue to rest in peace.”

Ms. Aisha Yesufu
In honor of the victims of police brutality, Nigerian human rights activist Aisha also posted a tweet with the following message: “Sometimes one keeps doing all kinds of things not to remember the memories of the agony but it lurks in the background. Memorial for SARS: “#EndSARS”

Rhodes-Vivour, Gbadebo
The politician yelled for the name of the person who issued the order to attack the lawful protestors at the tollgate on that terrible day, joining the rest of Nigeria in doing so.

He said, “20/10/2020 We remember, We still demand to know who gave the order. May the souls of our October heroes continue to rest in peace. We will get Justice.”

Dominic Rita
Dominic, a seasoned actress in Nollywood, prayed for the souls of those killed in the Lekki Massacre. She concluded, “3 years gone / 20-10-2020 May the souls of all the patriots who lost their lives in search of a better Nigeria continue to rest in peace. Amen” .


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