Nigerian Movie Actress, Moyo lawal addresses about her sex leaked tape and threatens for legal actions.

Nigerian Movie Actress, Moyo lawal addresses about her sex leaked tape and threatens for legal actions.

Moyo Lawal, a well-known Nollywood actress, has at last responded to the widely circulated sex tape film that features her and her “supposed ex-lover.”

To the dismay of her admirers, a sex tape featuring Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal was released online on Saturday. Numerous fans used various platforms to voice their opinions.

The actress, who received the “Revelation of the Year” honor at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012, was shown. In the video having intercourse with an unnamed male as they were filming the encounter.

On Sunday, Moyo revealed who posted the video and that it was done without her knowledge in a message that was published. On her official Instagram profile.

She declared, “A private video of mine from a while ago has been inappropriately shared without my consent, violating my privacy and trust.”

“I want to emphasize that this film, which was made with my ex-girlfriend who I was about to wed. At the time, was never meant for public consumption and that its unauthorized publication violates my rights. “

The actor, a creative arts graduate, continued by threatening legal action against the offenders, adding. “However, this criminal breach of privacy will be treated with legal action.”

She claimed that the encounter particularly affected her because she attempted to uphold a rigid approach to her sexuality.

The actress remarked that she went so far as to remain celibate for a period of time, refusing to date frequently and preferring to be by herself most of the time.

But she continued, “I’m not going to let this sad situation ruin my spirit.

Moyo also expressed her gratitude to individuals who reached out to her in the midst of the commotion and difficulties the video brought up for her.

She appreciated how much their generosity and compassion meant to her.

Earlier Video

After the leaked video went viral and received negative feedback, the actress’s earlier video from the X platform (previously Twitter). Also appeared, in which she said that any sex-related issues were the last thing she should be “dragged” online for.

“I have given up a lot and declined a lot of things,” she remarked. The last thing someone could use to bring me down is sex because everyone knows how I feel about sex issues.

The actress also stated in the video that she was not as “bad” as some people believed despite the impression they got of her.

“Whatever I have done, I have not been as bad as a regular girl,” she continued.

satirical account

In an unexpected turn of events, the actress’ X account, @moyolawalofficial, on Saturday denied being linked with the leaked film and appearing in it.

The actress’s post became viral in addition to the leaked video.

The viral video was declared to be fake and users advised to cease sharing it in the X post.

“The lady in this clip is not me,” the message said. Please cease circulating false information. I am not that. Stop disseminating false information, please.

A search by PREMIUM TIMES revealed that the account was actually a spoof.


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