Nigerian New Blockbuster Movie ” Ada Omo Daddy ” set to be premiered on January 15th in the Cinemas.

Nigerian New Blockbuster Movie " Ada Omo Daddy " set to be premiered on January 15th in the Cinemas.

Review of “Ada Omo Daddy”: The Veterans Cannot Preserve This Abrupt Comeback to a Wedding Film Era.

In Nollywood, wedding films play a significant role the cliches of the subgenre are so well-known because of their. Popularity however, because the wedding culture is so approachable for both filmmakers and viewers, they provide straightforward storylines that have. The potential to be enjoyable our Saturdays are inextricably linked to the dynamic owambe culture; the newest proposals are posted. On our daily social media feeds.

Films that capitalized on the rich history surrounding these weddings, such as The Wedding Party, which is possibly the biggest. Wedding-themed film in Nollywood, flourished while filmmakers discovered an enticing storytelling path, audiences gradually wanted more this request for. A different narrative is what.

In order to get an advantage, Ada Omo Daddy adds various twists, but how effectively does it do so?

Advertising Omo Daddy’s official poster.

This is not the typical plot of Ada Omo Daddy in this instance, more somber issues are covered, such as. The possibility of paternity fraud, the discovery of genuine parentage, and the ensuing search for one’s personal heritage the wedding. Ceremony isn’t really the movie’s main focus.

Joining a roster of films that shows a merging of cultures like The Wedding Party and Meet the In-Laws. It depicts a Yoruba family and an Igbo-Efik dynasty. In contrast to its predecessors, nevertheless, the film’s compelling plot. Deviates into uncertainty, preventing it from providing the anticipated warm, familiar, and enjoyable experience.

Victor (Tayo Faniran) will wed Pero (Omowumi Dada), the eldest daughter of Chief and Mrs. Balogun (Dele Odule and Sola Sobawale).

When Pero’s biological father Ifeanyi (Charles Okafor) unexpectedly shows up, the idyllic Balogun family is rocked, and Pero’s life is drastically altered.

Unpleasant past secrets that need to be cleared up before Pero’s wedding are revealed by the unexpected arrival of Ifeanyi, who is estranged but now contrite.

Ada Omo Daddy fails to do a good job, even if wedding videos already have a set format. Perhaps as a result of its valiant attempts to stand out, despite the fact that certain scenes have a striking resemblance to the 2016 hit movie The Wedding Party.

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