Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba Actor Femi Adebayo openly states that there will be a sequel for Jagun- Jagun.

Nigerian Nollywood Yoruba Actor Femi Adebayo openly states that there will be a sequel for Jagun- Jagun.

Yoruba Jagun Jagun, a Netflix original film, is expected to have a sequel, according to Femi Adebayo.

Adebayo addressed the mystery surrounding the final scene, in which Ibrahim Chatta calls the name Ogundiji twice, in an exclusive interview with TVC. He said, “The coming of Ibrahim Chatta will automatically give birth to of course a sequel. He called the name of Ogundiji twice. In Yoruba land if they call you the third time you should answer.” He made reference to the Yoruba custom that requires a response no matter what at the third call of your name.

As he revealed the background to the Jagun Jagun narrative, Adebayo also urged a reawakening among Nigeria’s youth.

According to him, “What inspired Jagun Jagun is the involvement of youths in society… For this people in power cannot commit any’so-called evil’ without using the youth… as the instrument of destruction… To the youths, stop allowing yourself to be used as instruments of destruction… That inspired the message I wanted to pass.”

He continued by revealing the second motivation behind creating Jagun Jagun, expressing his desire to introduce the globe to Yoruba culture.

“I wanted to pass it on in a very special way and at the same time I wanted to sell. However the beauty of the Yoruba culture to the world,” Adebayo said.

The director also announced the impending release of a documentary detailing the meticulous creation of the Yoruba epic, including information. About Lateef Adedimeji’s captivating performance, the employment of a body double, and the soundtrack’s composition.

The epic production required a significant amount of funding and came with a high price tag in the billions of naira. Adebayo cleverly used the money from the sale of his homes with the profits from his 2022 hit movie “King Of Thieves (Agbeshinkole)” to fund the breathtaking extravaganza known as. “Jagun Jagun.”

The actor acknowledged the enormous undertaking and admitted, “Jagun Jagun is a multi-billion naira film; I can’t reveal the precise amount I spent on shooting it.

Jagun Jagun was created however with the Agbeshinkole profits. I was trying to avoid being supported by financial institutions and private individuals. When I ran out of money, I sold my houses because I was however confident the initiative would succeed.


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