Nigerian Rapper Oladips debunks claims that he faked his death.

Nigerian Rapper Oladips debunks claims that he faked his death.

Rapper Oladips, from Nigeria, refutes rumors that he staged his demise.

He omitted, however, to note that his management had posted an announcement about the death on his official pages.

Oladips, a street-hop musician from Nigeria, has denied rumors circulating that he staged his death to support his latest album, “Superhero Adugbo,” attributing the claims to fellow rapper Qdot.

On November 30, 2023, the irate rapper called Qdot out on his Instagram account, claiming that they hadn’t spoken in more than a year before to the event. He continued by saying that rumors on social media were spread by bloggers and others who were trying to discredit him.

It was all based on conjecture; “There was never a video or post of me telling Nigerians ‘heyy everyone it’s all a prank.”

based on rumors and clout-chasing. Blogger is tricking naive Nigerians into like and commenting on his posts,” the message said.

Oladips emphasized that he was battling for his life when his death was declared, and he said that Qdot was the reason it started to appear as though he had staged his demise.

“I am aware of the cruise. Clout is present. Then there is the reality! Qdot, it is very disgusting and inappropriate that you posted ‘My gee is alive’ when my family was unaware of my circumstances. I’m at the point in my life where you post things like, “My gee is alive,” which are needlessly deceptive to everyone. made it appear as though you and I had simply a discussion.

Hey, I’ve been there, so anything might have occurred. The last time you and I spoke was on January 2, 2022. As soon as I have proof, I will reveal the whole thing! So why do you continuously act in this manner against this industry, Tori Olorun?”It goes on,” he said.

Not only did Oladips chastise Qdot, but he also called out his childhood friend Wavy, claiming that he posted old videos on social media and contributed to the idea. However, that same friend had already come out to say that his post was just him being in denial over Oladips’ “death.”

The rapper’s management broke the devastating news that he had passed away back on November 15, 2023.


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