Nollywood Actor: Francis Duru clocks 55.

Nollywood Actor: Francis Duru clocks 55.

Francis Duru, a seasoned actor, celebrates turning 52 (pictures)

To commemorate his 52nd birthday today, July 27, veteran Nollywood actor Francis Duru posted on his Instagram account, according to IgbereTV.

He posted some updated pictures of himself along with the message,

“Living, striving to thrive, sustained by His grace, held by the nail. It’s a beautiful new phase above ground. Lord, I give you all glory. It’s my birthday. I just give thanks.”

When Duru appeared in the 1989 film Missing Mask, it marked the beginning of his career in Nigerian cinema. In the action comedy film Rattle Snake (1995), he starred as Ahanna, a pivotal part that helped him gain notoriety in the Nigerian film industry. One of Amaya Igwe’s last film directorships.

Due to his constructive impact on young people, Duru was granted the United Nations Ambassador of Peace award. For his performance in Mboputa, he was awarded the Best Actor in a Leading Role (Igbo) prize at the 2020 Best of Nollywood Awards.

After getting hitched in 2003, Duru and his spouse Adokiye have four kids together. The University of Port Harcourt was attended by both.

Unquestionably, Francis Duru, a well-known actor, has helped Nollywood expand. Even though he hasn’t been appearing on the big screen as much as he once did, he gained notoriety for his role in the 1994 film “Rattle Snake,” which was produced by the late Amaka Igwe.

Still, Duru voiced his displeasure with some events in a recent interview with Saturday Beats.

within the sector. He claims that a lot of young performers are more concerned with being famous than with honing and maintaining their craft.

“These days, young actors are more concerned with becoming famous than with honing their craft,” the speaker added. And sustainability becomes an issue since they bypass that procedure. The award-winning actor also lamented the government’s lack of investment in the creative sector, saying, “There is nothing as good as learning the process, which would likely be accompanied by becoming popular and then sustaining the talent.”

He went on, “How often do you hear about the creative industry when the media discusses the economy? But does the nation’s economy benefit greatly from the creative sector? Indeed, it does!


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