Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie faces backlash after reaffirming his support for tinubu in new post.

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie faces backlash after reaffirming his support for tinubu in new post.

After reiterating his support for Tinubu in a recent post, Yul Edochie received negative feedback.

It was in that post that he declared himself to be “Asiwaju boy 100%.”

Moreover the controversial Nollywood actor-turned-pastor Yul Edochie wants everyone to know that he is fully behind President Tinubu.

On Wednesday, January 21, 2024, Edochie made his position clear via a fresh Instagram post. He prayed for the president in the caption of a picture he uploaded of the president, saying he believed in him.

In addition the pastor responded: “I stand by you, Sir. My President @officialasiwajubat GCFR 100%. ’m praying for you to succeed. I pray for God to give you all you need to fix Nigeria. I believe you will.”

His followers responded to his post in a number of ways, sharing their opinions with him.

Because of his post, Edochie is currently receiving negative feedback from his fans. A furious reader commented, “Till this moment, I don’t know what the f**k is wrong with you. This is not the Yul I know years ago. Like tf, you have faded so well in my eyes cos what’s this man.”

However the comment “You stand by him and the dollar is currently #1500… is like this economy is not affecting you at all” was made by a follower who reminded Edochie of the ongoing slide in the Naira.

“Yul, I like you but what’s the need for this silly post? You just Dey set your self up for controversies.. I don tire to argue with people and I been defend you! With all due respect! You don’t have sense,” criticized a different follower.

Similar criticism was leveled at the actor in August 2023 for openly endorsing Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He uploaded a photo of himself on August 19 in traditional white clothing with the president’s visage on it. The statement “Relax, Jagaban will fix Nigeria” was boldly written beneath the president’s photo. The caption on Edochie’s post said, “ASIWAJU BOY.100%. UNAPOLOGETICALLY. I LOVE TINUBU. I BELIEVE IN HIM. AND I’M PRAYING FOR HIM TO SUCCEED.”

The actor doesn’t seem to be phased by any of his fans’ criticism.


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