Nollywood Actress Georgina Onuoha slams Eniola Badmus for arresting and parading TikToker who accused her of being a Pimp.

Nollywood Actress Georgina Onuoha slams Eniola Badmus for arresting and parading TikToker who accused her of being a Pimp.

Georgina Onuoha, a Nollywood actress, has called out Eniola Badmus for detaining Ego Blessing Okoye on TikTok for making derogatory remarks about her.

Onuoha characterized this as a misuse of authority by Eniola and an act of intimidation.

Georgina Onuoha, an actress, has voiced her displeasure with Eniola Badmus, a colleague, over the manner Badmus handled the problem with the Tiktoker, Ego Blessing Okoye, who had insulted Georgina.

Remember how Ego accused Eniola of being complicit in the sex trafficking of women to politicians? She added that many politicians had affairs with Eniola Badmus in an effort to help the actress succeed in politics.

Georgina complained about the abuse of authority and intimidation, and she accused Eniola Badmus of misusing her position by engaging the police.

She made the argument that handling the case legally would have been preferable because defamation is not a criminal offense that calls for an arrest.

Her words are:

In any civilized society, you have the right to sue for reputational harm if someone slanders you. She acted in an improper and derogatory manner. Your next course of action, Eniola @eniola_badmus, will be to file a defamation lawsuit against her and demand damages.

You are also breaching the law by arresting her. Slander or defamation is not a crime that calls for this young woman to be detained and then treated like a criminal. Yes, she slandered you; seek damages from her. You are using intimidation and misuse of power here. Because you are close to fame and authority, you should exercise the law responsibly rather than oppressively.

Police officers who engage in this stupidity should be ashamed.

@eniola_badmus. You have the right to bring furthermore legal action against her for defamation and harm to your reputation. By making an arrest, you are also breaking the law. She has the same right to free speech as you do. 

You have the legal right to have her arrested if she made threats against you or expressed wishes to hurt you physically.

This show of dominance is ridiculous and beneath you.
Take her to court and let it go right now.
Do not parade her around like a criminal.
@benjaminhundeyin, you shouldn’t allow your men to act with such stupidity. The judge may order her arrest for contempt of court and law if she is sued and fails to appear in court.

The police should not be used as a tool of intimidation because this is a misuse of authority.
Since we live in a democracy, the rule of law must take precedence over individual grievances.
This is essentially kidnapping by @eniola_badmus and police officers.
Equity seekers must arrive with spotless hands.
This implies that the person seeking equitable relief must be prepared to uphold their own duties and act fairly.


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