Nollywood Actress: Tonto Dikeh remains sad over solidstar’s mental health as she says she wants to help the singer.

Nollywood Actress: Tonto Dikeh remains sad over solidstar's mental health as she says she wants to help the singer.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is saddened by the musician Joseph Iniyezo aka Solidstar’s deteriorating mental health as a result of allegations. That he is suffering mental illness.

Recall that the artist is presently experiencing mental health issues, as stated by the musician’s brother Joshua Iniyezo in a. Video shared on Instagram.

He said Solidstar’s supporters and fellow musicians should be aware that his brother has been seriously ill and that is. Why he has been absent from the music scene for a while.

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Iniyezo, and I’m Solidstar’s brother. I want to use this medium to let his fans, friends, and colleagues in the industry know that Solid Star is really sick. I know you may be wondering why he hasn’t been active; the reason is that he has been sick and battling a lot mentally. I know he must have offended some of his friends and colleagues; however, please understand that it’s not his fault because he has been

In response to the musician’s health situation, and then Tonto Dikeh pleaded with the singer’s family and management to direct her in. The appropriate route so she can assist him.

The single mother also recalled how Solidstar assisted her in launching her music career when she wanted to dive headfirst. Into the music business in 2015.

“How can I contact Solidstar’s family or management? My street blood is that, mehn. Dude was willing to give everything up so that I may succeed musically. Na, I just heard the word! He never requested payment, received a present, and wasn’t even given a hug. Tonto Dikeh said on her official Instagram page, “Such a selfless human.

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