Nollywood Filmmaker Jeta Amata’s new Movie ” Black Harvest ” heads to Tiff 2023 for Global Premiere.

Nollywood Filmmaker Jeta Amata's new Movie " Black Harvest " heads to Tiff 2023 for Global Premiere.

James Amuta will screen at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) at TIFF Bell Light House in Toronto, Canada, marking its global premiere.

Before the festival on September 13, 2023, the neo-noir film has been nominated for Best Picture: film.

In the movie Black Harvest, hired thugs protect hostages who were being kept as hostages in a kidnapping-for-ransom. Scenario as the underworld of illegal organ trafficking and transplant tourism is explored. 

But when they soon find themselves in the same situations as their victims, they realize that their employer’s business isn’t exactly what it seemed to be.

In a Shock NG exclusive, James discusses the significance of this world premiere, stating that “the hardest part of the. Filmmaking process comes after your film is completed and now needs to get the audiences, so getting to show it. 

For the first time, on such a huge global platform comes with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

 You’re excited that the most influential brands name in the global film market will get to see your film, but you’re anxious at the same time.”

The movie contains; Zack Orji, Kelechi Udegbe, Elina Baby Ibru, Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefua, Michael Pankyes John, Lavinna Vermaa, Tope. Olowoniyan, Olasope Ola, Amaka Samuel-Okon, Peter Inyang, Laurence Smith, Rodrigo Beddie-Memberr, Etta JoMaria, Nansy MrsHustle and Joshua Adigwe.

Although a release date for Black Harvest hasn’t been set, its producers have stated that they want to make some. Deals during the market screening at the festival.


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