Nollywood Movie Icon ” Tony Umez” reacts to the rumours about his demise.

Nollywood Movie Icon " Tony Umez" reacts to the rumours about his demise.

Tony Umez, a seasoned Nollywood actor, has used social media to dispel death rumors.

In a video sent to his official social media sites, the actor personally assured his fans that he is still alive and well.

He takes moves to swiftly put an end to the persistent death rumors that have started to circulate.

I need to address this troubling matter that has come to my attention, Tony Umez remarked in the video, who appeared to be in. Good spirits and to be laughing.

Some dishonest people have been maliciously utilizing my photos and videos, falsely announcing that I’ve passed away to drive. Traffic to their websites.

“First and foremost, I just want to let you know that I’m still here and healthy. These misleading stories are nothing more than unfounded rumors that have been disseminated by people with bad motives.

In addition to violating my rights, these people’s acts have also upset my loved ones and supporters, thus I will be pursuing legal. Action against them, he declared.

Along with denying the untrue rumors, the Nollywood legend emphasized how crucial it is to confirm facts before disseminating it.

“I am aware of the influence social media may have on the dissemination of information. Nevertheless, it is depressing to see how it may be abused by a select few to disseminate misleading information for personal advantage. I kindly ask that you all exercise caution and only accept as true any information that comes from me or through my. Authorized methods.


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