Nollywood Movie Industry Paid a respect to the repose soul of Santus Obinna Nwafor: Saint Obi on his tribute and Candle Light Procession.

Nollywood Movie Industry Paid a respect to the repose soul of Santus Obinna Nwafor: Saint Obi on his tribute and Candle Light Procession.

Fans have responded to the news on social media as the death of seasoned Nollywood actor Obinna Nwafor, often known as Saint Obi, continues to shake not just the entertainment business.

The ill actor passed away approximately a week ago, as reported by TRIBUNE ONLINE previously, but the family opted not to make the announcement for reasons that have not yet been determined.

The actor, according to information acquired by TRIBUNE ONLINE, had been battling an unidentified illness for some time and was said to have moved to Jos, the capital of the Plateau State, for more treatment of the illness that had kept him in and out of the hospital for more than two years.

Before he abruptly quit making appearances in movies in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Saint Obi was a favorite of many home video enthusiasts. Before his death, he had appeared in more than 100 films.

Bukola Saraki, the former Senate President, tweeted his disbelief at @bukolasaraki.

Through his mesmerizing performances and indisputable brilliance, Saint Obi did more than just amuse millions of people; he also served as a source of motivation for a new generation of actors. He was a key figure in creating the Nigerian nation’s foundation alongside other pioneers.

His passing is a great loss for Nollywood as well as the broader Nigerian entertainment sector, and his significant contributions will live on in the annals of Nigerian cinema history for all time.

I pray that Almighty God would grant his loved ones, coworkers, and supporters the courage they require during this trying time.

R.I.P. Saint Obi

Never forgetting or letting go of the State of emergency recollections from childhood was a terrific experience.

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Adieu, Saint Obi. For decades, you entertained us on screen with your ability. We won’t forget you.

May God grant you serenity as you rest.

Recall meeting Obinna Nwafor (Saint Obi) in 1999 while traveling to London. He was standing next to Liz Benson. He treated my brothers and I very well. I can still recall how joyful he was and how content he made us feel 24 years later. Legend, RIP!

Let Saint Obi rest in peace. OG prior to IG

The DON of Nollywood’s gangster films back then… This man was responsible for practically all of our shared childhood amusement.

Legend, RIP.

Sadly, Saint Obi

Saint Obi has passed away in an instant. Heartbreaking.

Please pardon Obinna Nwafor’s transgressions out of mercy and love, Heavenly Father, and grant him eternal peace, O Lord.

Through the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray.

Saint Obi, rest in peace. May the One who called you take you to Himself.

Mr. Obinna Nwafor, rest in peace.

Holy Obi.

One of the best actors that contributed to the beauty of my early recollections.

His soul may rest in peace.



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