Nollywood Movie Star Icon: John Ikechukwu Okafor A.K.A Mr Ibu Celebrates his 62nd Birthday in the Hospital Bed

Nollywood Movie Star Icon: John Ikechukwu Okafor A.K.A Mr Ibu Celebrates his 62nd Birthday in the Hospital Bed

John Okafor, a seasoned comedian and actor in Nollywood better known by his stage name Mr. Ibu, recently celebrated his. 62nd birthday in an undisclosed hospital.

In a video released on the actor’s official Instagram account @realmrIbu on Wednesday, family members could be seen. Celebrating with him.

While his family sang him the “happy birthday song,” the comedic actor was lying on the bed in medical attire. With a cart containing his birthday cake and some drinks in front of him.

Mr. Okafor appeared to be uncomfortable as he mumbled the song while slicing the cake with a knife.

His admirers have reacted to the popular video, with many sending him well wishes, birthday greetings, and. “Get well soon” prayers.

Born on October 17, 1963, Mr. Okafor comes from Enugu State and is known to have appeared in over 200 Nollywood films.

Mr. Ibu (2004), Mr. Ibu and His Son, Coffin Producers, Husband Suppliers, International Players, Mr. Ibu in London, and Keziah, among others, are. A few of his films.

Veteran Nollywood actor John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu, is seen in a recent video celebrating his 62nd birthday in a hospital bed. With family.

The sickly actor was dressed in a medical gown and sat on the bed in the video that was uploaded to his official Instagram account. His loved ones were singing him happy birthday as he was being celebrated. He heard his loved ones singing as he mouthed along while holding the knife in the cake that was being. Delivered in front of him along with his birthday cake and some drinks.

Okafor shook his leg repeatedly while attempting to maintain his seat. His second leg, extended, was swollen and. Deformed.

Unfortunately, Okafor has been within the stark white confines of a hospital room before. The actor has lived through. Numerous close calls and told of them.

Just in 2020, the actor admitted that some of his employees had reportedly poisoned him in an effort to take his own life. His staff beat him up in his workplace and shoved poison into his mouth; this occurred in his village of Enugu. He was fortunately taken to a hospital moreover by his dancers and. Lads.

In 2022, he disclosed that he spent a few days in the hospital however after being poisoned during an entertainment event in. Abuja.

He had previously stated, “I just got poisoned again. It seems my enemies are using me to rehearse (their powers). This time, I wasn’t poisoned in the village, I was poisoned in Abuja last week at an entertainment event. I really cannot explain how I was poisoned because it was a gathering of people, though it was not a big event.” Said the man.

His devoted followers and friends have expressed their well wishes in the comments area of his most recent post, giving prayers. Birthday greetings, and “Get well soon” notes.


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