Nollywood Star Actress Joke Silvia Celebrates her birthday today.

Nollywood Star Actress Joke Silvia Celebrates her birthday today.

Today, September 29, Nollywood actress Joke Silva turns 60 years old.

The actress, who is 60 years old, posted stunning pictures of herself on her Instagram page.

Joke Silva detailed what transpired ten years ago as she was commemorating her 50th birthday in a lengthy Instagram post on her actual birthday.

She also disclosed that she had lost some family members, including her father and daughter.

“We renewed our vows in Freedom Park on Lagos Island ten years ago on this day, the day I turned 50. Sir J and I had our marriages renewed by Pastor Tony Rapu. The officiating squad included six pastors as well.

“My mother, Dr. Abimbola Silva, was present among the congregation. For the family, she had brought white Ankara and wine. There were three of my aunts: Mrs. Gbemi Rosiji, Aunty Olga Miller, and Aunty Fracesca Emmanuel.

“They’re all in their 80s and have crossed over to the other side of eternity. There was also Bisi, who is nearly identical to me. She is also on the other side of all of time. with my deceased daughter and my father.

“I think that’s what happens as we get older and reach more milestones. Recollections of the people we’ve loved and lost. Being on this side of eternity, nevertheless, is also wonderful.

“Challenging…certainly, particularly the last 5 years. Wawoo. Thank you very much to my daughter Blessing @_blessing_douglas, my granddaughter Dayo @atarahbaby, my sons Soji @mrjacobs_jnr and Gbenga @oj_poetry, and all of you for making these years tolerable. And my employees, Paulina, Michael, and John.

Without this crew, the past five years would not have been conceivable. Now that I’m 60, I’m grateful to God for His immeasurable mercies. Oh, that’s it. Gratitude for my good health, for my family’s and friends’ love. Lord, I am grateful. Photo by @badmantej; dress by @lanredasilvaajayi.

Joke Silva’s 60th birthday was documented in these pictures:

Today, September 29th, Nollywood actress Joke Silva celebrates her 60th birthday.

The 60-year-old actress posted gorgeous pictures of herself on her Instagram feed.

Joke Silva detailed what happened ten years ago while she was celebrating her 50th birthday in her lengthy birthday Instagram post.


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