Nollywood Star Actress Stella Damascus openly says that she is now a close friend to her ex- husband’s (Daniel Adenimokan) first wife Doris Simeon.

Nollywood Star Actress Stella Damascus openly says that she is now a close friend to her ex- husband's (Daniel Adenimokan) first wife Doris Simeon.

Stella Damasus, a Nigerian actress, has announced that her marriage to Daniel Ademinokan is over.

Damasus, tok for one interview she conducted with Olateju Oyelakin, an ogbonge TV host, while posing as Teju Babyface.

She claims that her marriage to the film director did not terminate after discovering this on YouTube.

The actress claims she is currently single because she has already divorced.

The 45-year-old actress describes how messages concerning her marriage problems started to arrive on her phone from family and friends after her ex-husband traveled and was supposed to return home.

No, I’m not married. I have been single for nearly three years; I don divorce; and this is the first time I’ve been told I’m here.

My marriage didn’t end, I saw on YouTube. However the man in question travels and is supposed to return, but instead, Stella said, “I start getting messages from family and friends asking why I haven’t told them about my marital problems.

Stella claims that this is the first time she has publicly spoken about her mother.

In 2014, it will be revealed that Damasus and Ademinokan would wed.

Stella Wey, who had two children, wed Ademinokan before she did.

Jaiye Aboderin and Stella Bin were married in 1999. Before Aboderin died in 2004, she gave birth to two children for her marriage.

Damasus and Ademinokan moved to the United States and remained there till their marriage broke apart.

Stella Damasus is a well-known Nigerian actress who has a remarkable acting talent. Di actress has been in a number of films, among them Widow, Between, Gone, Two Bribes and a Baby, and Desperate and Dangerous.

Jaiye Aboderin, who became Stella’s first spouse in 1999, was married.

She gave birth to two children, Angelica and Isabel, before her first spouse passed away in 2004.

2014 saw the release of the announcement of her marriage to Ademinokan.

Daniel Ademinokan is an actor, director, and producer in the furthermore Nollywood film business.

I studied filmmaking at the Digital Film Academy in New York, United States, and then I started my career as a screenplay.

Daniel released the acclaimed film “Black Friday” in 2010.

I’ve been writing, producing, and directing Nollywood films for the past 20 years.

David Ademinokan is a son that Ademinokan has with his first wife, Doris Simeon.

She is a Nollywood actress as well.


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