Odumodublvck narrates what really happened at poco lee’s lasu concert.

Odumodublvck narrates what really happened at poco lee's lasu concert.

Tochukwu Ojogwu, a.k.a. Odumodublvck, a Nigerian rapper and musician, has clarified the circumstances surrounding Poco Lee’s homecoming concert on July 14, 2023.

He explained that, contrary to the viral footage, he was not fleeing from cultists or any other kind of danger when appearing as a guest on Cool FM’s Big Friday Show.

The singer is seen escaping the audience in the viral video, and the story at the time was that he was being pursued by cult members on the school grounds after Poco Lee’s show.

Due to the hoodlums’ disruption of the event and the overcrowding at the event venue, the event had descended into pandemonium halfway through.

According to Odumodublvck, he was attempting to avoid supporters who were attempting to capture pictures of him. “I wasn’t running, I was jogging,” he claimed, “I was trying to get away because when you take pictures with one person, you have to take with everyone.”

The rapper said he was shocked to learn he was trending on that particular day. He added that the internet accounts were so convincing that he almost bought into them.

He said, “The place was just so rowdy but it’s a school, so I didn’t expect anything less. When you’re done performing you have to get out of there immediately.” He added, “I almost believed what they were saying but I was there, we didn’t fight anybody.”

The performer continued by making it apparent that he had no objections to the online narrative that had been created. About the video of him running he demonstrated his comprehension of the need to sell a story as well as. His familiarity with the workings of the entertainment business.

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