Omah lay says he is putting together a new album.

Omah lay says he is putting together a new album.

Omah Lay has announced that he is working on a new album.

The artist claims he will have a major influence on the aural development of Afrobeats.

He became one of Nigeria’s top music singers in 2020 after being well-known with his debut EP, “Get Layd,” which helped him achieve commercial success.

Omah stated that he thinks Nigerian mainstream music’s sound would soon alter in an interview with Beats FM London.

“I feel the sound people identify as Afrobeats is going to change in 2024, 2025 (the future) and I am going to be one of the leaders of the new sound,” Omah Lay stated during the conversation.

Omah Lay continued by saying that he had begun to experiment with a new sound, which fans will be able to hear on the album he is now producing.

“I have started a new sound of Afrobeats and you are going to hear more of that in 2024. ‘Holy Ghost’ is one of them and I’m putting together an album that will consist of the new sound,” Omah Lay said.

The celebrated vocalist has gained recognition for his astounding ability to produce music that has emotional impact without sacrificing pop music’s satisfying vibe.

His first album, “Boy Alone,” provided insight into his struggles with relationships, career, and notoriety.

Fans jokingly dubbed the album “Afro Depression” because to its compelling sounds and poignant lyrics.

He stands out in the Afrobeats genre for his exploration of vulnerability in his music-making. No doubt, fans will be anticipating the hitmaker’s upcoming releases.

As an artist, you have advanced significantly in a brief period of time. What future goals do you see for yourself?

I’m excited to develop and become more like Omah Lay. I’m looking forward to Omah Lay’s future! I don’t want to declare that I want to become the greatest artist or anything; all I want is to keep learning about who I am and become the best version of myself that I can be.


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