ONErpm the music distributor for Zlatan, Chike, Reminisce launches new divisions.

ONErpm the music distributor for Zlatan, Chike, Reminisce launches new divisions.

New divisions are introduced by ONErpm, the music distributor for Zlatan, Chike, and Reminisce.

New divisions are introduced by ONErpm, the distributor for several Nigerian celebrities, including Zlatan, Chike, and Reminisce.

ONErpm, a prominent independent and progressive music label and distribution company globally, is pleased to announce the addition of two. New firms to its portfolio, increasing its total number of businesses to five this announcement also signifies significant modifications to. ONErpm’s primary business operations.

ONErpm Enterprise Solutions is a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform designed to meet the specific requirements of record labels and content owners that want to expand more profitably. It does this by customizing ONErpm’s in-house Content Management System (CMS).

This all-inclusive administration system simplifies the digital distribution of music and movies as well as other crucial daily chores, such. As managing artist marketing campaigns, allocating work assignments to departmental staff, and arranging payments, among other things.

The platform has been a game-changer for ONErpm since its CMS launched in 2019 and enables businesses to scale operations. Transparently and efficiently because of the economies of scale attained, ONErpm has seen a more than fourfold rise in staff. And income since then.

CEO Emmanuel Zunz continues, “We want to work with like-minded businesses that need the technology and tools we have developed and refined over the years to take their business to the next level.”

“We see a need for this service because there are a lot of interesting labels that may find it difficult to expand in a market that is becoming more and more competitive and where having strong technology will give them the advantage to succeed.”

The group’s new do-it-yourself platform,, is the second firm. It is Enterprise Solutions’ first initiative and allows independent artists to upload and distribute an unlimited number of releases for as little as $12 a year, all while keeping 100% of their revenues.

OFFstep is the most reasonably priced plan of its kind at this price range. ONErpm will henceforth only collaborate with musicians and record companies that it has established ties with, while DIY customers will now be referred to OFFstep.


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