Pere Advises Neo to get into a ship on BBNAIJA All Stars.

Pere Advises Neo to get into a ship on BBNAIJA All Stars.

As Pere and Doyin argue over the information leaked by the parrot on Big Brother Naija All Stars, Pere punches the wall.

 Big Brother Naija eventually spoke about Doyin’s remark regarding Pere and Kimoprah’s love triangle. However, things between them quickly become heated, with Pere going so far as to smash the wall, which was immediately. Damaged, and brushing aside other housemates who attempted to defuse the situation.

When Doyin disclosed that Pere had claimed he liked Kimoprah, she insisted she wasn’t lying, even dared him to strike her. Contrarily, Pere insisted he didn’t say so and even insisted that Doyin was fabricating what actually transpired.

The two of them insisted on inviting Cee-C, who was also present during the chat they were referring to, in an effort to clarify the matter. However, Cee-C backed up both of their assertions, which added a layer of complexity.

The argument that Doyin and Pere are currently having has been attributed to Alex. Alex apparently brought up the parrot’s remark from the previous evening in her attempt to settle the matter. However, neither side would have it and insisted on defending their positions in front of the other BBNaija. All Stars housemates.

The effects of today’s activities won’t be known for some time because Pere violently brushed Neo and Cross as well. As hitting the wall.

If you watch the reality TV program “BBNaija All Stars,” you might have noticed that one of the competitors. Pere, has been giving another contestant, Neo, some romance advice. Neo should enter a ship with one of the female housemates, especially Vee, who is Neo’s ex-girlfriend, according to. Pere, who is currently single.

Pere claimed that entering a ship would increase Neo’s popularity, increase his likelihood of winning the competition, and make him happy. He added that Vee and Neo would make a cute couple and that Vee still has feelings for Neo. Pere continued by saying that he would support Neo’s mission and, if necessary, even assist him in courting Vee.


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