Pere disagrees with pardon me nomination on BB Naija.

Pere disagrees with pardon me nomination on BB Naija.

On the Big Brother Naija program, Pere voiced displeasure with the housemate’s justification for nominating Soma for the Pardon Me Please exemption.

Soma won the competition with immunity from this week’s eviction after Big Brother changed the nomination format to Pardon Me Please. Pere told Big Brother about it during his diary session because he didn’t seem to agree with the other housemates.

Big Brother Naija believed that the Pardon Me Please decision should have been taken individually by each roommate rather than by the entire house because that would have made it a little more competitive.

To quote him, “Do these guys realise they are actually here to play a game, you are pardoning a guy because he didn’t make it past two weeks in his own season…

 If they had stuck to what they felt inward and not voiced it, in other words not connived to nominate one person the pardon me, it might have been a tie, or no one would have won.”

Pere went on to say that the housemates had voted unanimously to nominate Soma, and that in his opinion, they might not be viewing the BBNaija All Stars competition as the game that it actually is.

“I don’t think these guys are here to play the game, I think they’re just here to shine for a little while, and then they’re going,” he remarked.

Soma expressed his concern that the other housemates might be underestimating him during his diary session. At some point, he said, “I’ll switch it up and knack dem akpako. I like that they underestimate me.”

Contrary to what Pere believes, the show appears to some to be a game because Soma may have simply played his method on the housemates, who are obviously oblivious.


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