Peruzzi openly tells why he dropped out of medical school in his final year.

Peruzzi openly tells why he dropped out of medical school in his final year.

Peruzzi reveals, “My reason for leaving medical school in my last year.”

The reason behind his medical school dropout during his last year has been revealed by Nigerian singer and songwriter Peruzzi.

While studying medicine and surgery in Ukraine, the artist disclosed on the Zero Conditions Podcast how mentally worn out he was.

I want to follow my love for music, he insisted, adding that he had recently finished the course.

It was a lot since I was going to start my last year when I actually started feeling really tired—I had never felt like that in my life. I was done with medicine, like, in my thoughts.

That was already the first MD I had written. My desire to never do anything again took precedence over the amount of time I had left at the moment. Peruzzi remarked, “I was tired of doing it.

Up until his fifth year, Peruzzi was a student at Odesa National University in Ukraine. However, the demands of medical school overwhelmed him, and he decided to return to Nigeria.

After he explained to his mother what he had been going through at school and his desire to come back, she gave him one need to meet before he could go back.

“On January 1st, I departed without even having my passport because I had misplaced it due to extreme exhaustion that. Consumed my entire body.

I went to the embassy and they issued me a travel document as I had to depart right away the. Only person I told when I got back was my mother after I was able to articulate my feelings to. Her, she advised me to ensure that I returned with my school records and all of my first-year materials. To demonstrate that I had attended classes, which I did.”

Peruzzi told the podcast hosts that he was back in Nigeria because he couldn’t tell his father, and his mother hadn’t told him either. He also revealed that at the time, people at his father’s church had started whispering among themselves that he had dropped out because he was home during a non-holiday season.



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