Pete Edochie congratulates Yul on his new ministry journey.

Pete Edochie congratulates Yul on his new ministry journey.

Pete Edochie supports the government of his son Yul Edochie.

Peter Edochie, a seasoned Nollywood actor, has congratulated his son Yul Edochie on his conversion to pastor.

The first church service on Yul Edochie’s newly established YouTube channel, True Salvation Ministry, was led by the recently formed. Online ministry leader.

Yul discussed his spiritual path during the virtual meeting on Sunday, revealing his divine calling and the instance in which. He sensed God’s direct counsel.

The renowned Nollywood actor Yul Edochie said in an Instagram post that his father supported his ministry after witnessing and appreciating his first service.

The contentious actor expressed gratitude to his father for approving his choice to launch a ministry.

Following the tragic death of his son, actor Yul Edochie recounts the incredibly moving account of a conversation he claims to have had with God.

On his YouTube page, Yul, who was heartbroken by his son’s death, revealed that God had told him a few. Things regarding his son’s loss.

He said he heard from God, who told him that God loved him and would always love him.

According to Yul Edochie, God told him he was getting ready for a voyage that lay ahead of him and that he would understand eventually.

Remember that in January 2023, Yul and his estranged wife, May, lost their first kid.

Kambilichukwu had reportedly read all night long in order to get ready for his tests he went to play football. With his pals after his examination; while slumping and having a seizure, he was taken to the hospital right away. Where it was determined that he had passed away.

Speaking out, May said that the sad event had been the most painful and tragic experience of her life.

Last month, on his first posthumous birthday, Yul wrote a letter to his late son in which he described how God had given him his wish to see his son. Although the loss is excruciating, the unsuccessful presidential candidate acknowledged that life hasn’t been easy after the death of his son. Nevertheless, they are all trying their best to deal.


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