Phyno releases music video for ” Do I” remix featuring Burna Boy.

Phyno releases music video for " Do I" remix featuring Burna Boy.

The ‘Do I’ remix starring Burna Boy has a music video released by Phyno.

Phyno has returned with the newly created visuals for his remix of the smash song “Do I.”

Phyno has launched an engaging music video, after the release of the remix of his smash single “Do I,” featuring. Burna Boy, as the soundtrack for the Detty December celebrations.

The music video, directed by renowned artist PINK, debuted on YouTube on January 10, 2024. It shows the celebrities lounging in their signature casual attire, surrounded by brightly costumed dancers.

In the music video, comedian Sabinus also makes a cameo appearance, bringing his signature sense of humor.

The song, which was released in December 2023, has been a commercial hit as it was the result of a rare collaboration between Burna Boy and Phyno, who have been friends since the beginning of their remarkable careers.

One of Phyno’s 2023 releases, the successful tune serves as a reminder of his hit-making prowess, as he has. Created memorable hit songs and garnered multiple accolades it also gets listeners ready for his upcoming project’s release.

Phyno has made a comeback with the recently unveiled music video for his hit song “Do I” featuring Burna Boy.

During a cameo appearance in the music video, comedian Sabinus brings a lighthearted touch with his humorous emotions.

A music video for Phyno, the Nigerian musical prodigy and Penthauze Music star,’s remix of his hit song “Do I (Remix)” has been published.

A well-known musician from Nigeria named Burna Boy also contributes his skills to the intriguing remix CD.

Furthermore, this captivating music video was made by the great Nigerian director Pink.

Phyno has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to produce hits that reach the top of the charts and connect with listeners all around the world. It is anticipated that the soundtrack will demonstrate his development as a musician while adhering to the distinctive style that has made him well-known.

Now take a seat back, unwind, and get ready to explore the amazing world of Phyno’s “Do I (Remix)”.

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