How fraudulent investors in Nigeria conned Eldee

Sikirullahi Dabiri, also known as Eldee, a popular Nigerian artist, has admitted that he was once duped by fictitious investors in this country.

On the King of Talks podcast, Teju Babyface and the rapper discussed how the latter left the nation. After being duped by fictitious investors, he described how the phony advising firm tricked investors out of their money. And then told him and his crew they were investing it in his music.

“What happened was that Shayman introduced me to a man by the name of Tonye Akindele. Who at the time had a capital advisory firm,” Eldee recalled when recounting the awful experience. In order to invest in firms, they search for them. They employ individuals to fund those portfolios.

He discovered that he had to assist the investors in maintaining their reputation as the brand’s face. The rapper went into detail about how he had been duped and had to pay for services out of his own pocket as a result of not receiving his full payment.

So they sought me for a partnership, Eldee stated. And I gave in. However, I was unaware that Tonye Akindele and his partner were the ones funding the record company, as the label was not receiving any cash. My music was still being supported.

The musician, who has been living in the US, said it took him nine months. To realize he was a victim of fraud, and when he did, he cut the cord. He took sure to warn folks to avoid those kind of people and gave them red flags to look out for.

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