Popular Nigerian Musician Iyanya openly says that Dating Multiple women is a financial problem.

Popular Nigerian Musician Iyanya openly says that Dating Multiple women is a financial problem.

It costs money to date several women, according to Iyanya

However the artist known by his stage name Iyanya, is a well-known musician and songwriter from Nigeria. He recently shared his opinions about infidelity and love relationships.

The ‘Kukere’ hitmaker discussed his personal views on infidelity and commitment, highlighting his preference for remaining devoted to a single woman, in an interview with DoyinSola David for her well-liked podcast episode “Doyin’s Corner.”

The artist clarified that he supports monogamy and stated that he does not support cheating. He cited financial considerations as one of the reasons he preferred a committed relationship.

he claims that dating numerous women can have a negative financial impact. He contended that it takes a substantial time, energy, and financial commitment to manage relationships with multiple women.

Aligned with his pragmatic approach to life and partnerships, he said that managing a single relationship might be expensive enough, let alone managing several partners.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk is better known by his stage name Iyanya. The hit song “Kukere” is what brought him the most notoriety following his victory in the inaugural season of Project Fame West Africa.

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The crooner emphasized his stance in remaining faithful to one woman and further made it plain that he opposes cheating. Delving further into his thinking, Iyanya said that he prefers monogamy in part because it is more expensive to date one woman than several.

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He made the case that dating a lot of women can be expensive, which is consistent with his realistic perspective of life and interpersonal relationships.

He went on to say that it takes time, energy, and money to date several women. Iyanya further stated that it might be expensive to maintain a single relationship, much less manage several.

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