Popular Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh A.k.A Osuofia Clocks 66 Today.

Popular Nollywood Actor, Nkem Owoh A.k.A Osuofia Clocks 66 Today.

Well-known Nollywood actor Nkem Owoh, often known as Osuofia, is 66 today.

Eight brief facts about the 64-year-old great actor Nkem Owoh

The renowned Nollywood performer Nkem Owoh, also referred to as Osuofia, has reached the age of 64.

Owoh posted a happy birthday message to himself on his Instagram Story, writing, “Happy birthday to me.”

Here are some brief details about him.

1. Owoh was born in Amagu Village, Udi Town, Enugu State, Nigeria, on February 7, 1958.

2. At the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Ogun State, he pursued his engineering studies.

3. While attending college, the actor started appearing in a number of TV and movie roles.

4. Owoh gained notoriety when he appeared in the 2003 hit movie Osuofia in London.

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5. His arrest in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2007 came about as a result of a seven-month Dutch police investigation known as “Operation Apollo.”

6. Owoh was abducted in eastern Nigeria in November 2009; the abductors demanded a ransom of N15 million, but Owoh was eventually freed upon paying N1.4 million.

7. He is renowned for singing the song “I Go Chop Your Dollar,” which talks about defrauding advance fees.

8. Owoh has performed in numerous films.

We should be commended for reaching this level because we are a rising third-world nation.

“I think we can do great things with the stories and creativity among us, provided we have access to the necessary technology.”

“If you check the time and how we started, you will give kudos because we are making tremendous progress in the industry,” stated Osuofia, who gave Nollywood a good rating.

“With the current state of technology, I think Nollywood still has a long way to go in a positive direction.”

On the other hand, he advised aspiring performers to be patient and to track their development gradually. (NAN)

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