Popular Nollywood Movie Icon, Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) finally speaks after the burial of his daughter.

Popular Nollywood Movie Icon, Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) finally speaks after the burial of his daughter.

Nkem Owoh, a legendary figure in Nollywood, will officiate at his second daughter Kosisochukwu’s funeral along with his family.

Following a brief period of illness, the seasoned actor lost his daughter on June 28.

According to reports, the 24-year-old battled liver cancer before passing away. The burial date and plans for veteran actor Nkem Owoh’s second daughter, Kosisochukwu, have been made public.

There’s a poster going around for the funeral that’s coming up.

Her funeral has been set for August 24th, around eight weeks after her passing.

The poster for the funeral is already making the rounds online, despite the fact that her father hasn’t officially uploaded. It on his Instagram profile or made a remark about the approaching funeral.

In Udi L.G.A., Enugu State, Kosisochukwu would be laid to rest in her father’s estate.

The death of our daughter must be announced with grief by the family of Nkem Owoh (Osuofian) of Umunevo Owonta of Umungwu clan in Amagu village, Udi town, Udi Local Government, Enugu State. On August 24, the deceased will be laid to rest.

This news of the burial follows many calls from Nkem Owoh’s in-laws.

Recall that a man going by the name Chukwukadibia Ikebudezenwa, who claimed to be Osuofia’s in-law, appeared on social media a few weeks ago and accused the actor of leaving his family, leading to the death of his second daughter, Kosisochukwu.

The man claimed that because the actor has refused to assume his duties as the family’s head, he has been nasty to his family.

He posted video of Osuofia’s purported dead second daughter to bolster his claim.

He said Nkem Owoh made the decision to spend his life just for social media, paying no regard to his family. The actor’s attitude toward his family, the man said, has caused Nkem Owoh’s wife, Ngozi, to suffer severely.

He continued by saying that Kosisochukwu constantly pleaded her father to send her abroad for treatment on the phone before she passed away, but he did nothing till she lost the battle to cancer.

He alleges that everytime Nkem Owoh is asked to help, he always says he is working (on the set of a movie).

There was a caption for the video that said:

“Watch until the end! Osuofia Nkem Owoo’s second daughter died, and he refused to accept responsibility!”

“Please share the video so it gets to nkem owoo osuofia. The mortuary where osuofia daughter is given only tomorrow to come and take the girl out from the mortuary.”

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