Portable celebrates wife Ashabi Simple on her Birthday.

Portable celebrates wife Ashabi Simple on her Birthday.

Ashabi Simple, the wife of Portable, is honored on her birthday.

On Wednesday, the singer showed off his love for his wife on Instagram.

On this day of her birthday, Portable is expressing his love to his wife, Ashabi Simple.

The musician wished Ashabi a very happy birthday on his Instagram account on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. He praised her in his message after sharing images of her smartly attired in traditional Edo and Yoruba garb.

He stated, “Happy birthday to you my queen may GOD bless your new age @ashabi_simple ❤️❤️Na Money 💰 Dey Make Woman Fine No Be Say I Love you ❤️ my Celebrity Queen ❤️ Mother Of One Mummy ATANDA ⭐️ FITILAMI.”

After she gave birth to his sixth kid, the controversial street pop sensation and Akinyanju Omobolarinde, often known as Ashabi, the Yoruba actress, tied the knot in June 2023. During the June naming ceremony for their kid Anuoluwapo Fitilamihan, Portable revealed the news of their union.

Portable exclaimed in Yoruba in a video that was made public during the wedding, “She is now a housewife. A stubborn child has eventually become a housewife. She is now a housewife. Praise Allah.”

Conversely, Ashabi conveyed her thankfulness and contentment for her husband’s assistance. “I didn’t plan to marry an actor or singer, but I sense that this is not the end of my journey, and God didn’t say it is,” she remarked.

Later that month, she lavished love on him in a touching post, emphasizing that even if it were illegal to love Portable, she would sooner be a sinner and never have to love anyone else.

Even though she isn’t her husband’s favorite, he nevertheless made an effort to support her. Ashabi flaunted the opulent gifts her spouse had given her, which included a new phone, a laptop, a bag, and sneakers.

Ashabi Simple lavished praise on her son’s father in the caption of her Instagram image, expressing surprise at the warmth he returned the favor.

Just prior to her birthday, Ashabi Simple bragged about her status in the singer’s life. She claimed to be his fourth girlfriend.

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